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Weight Management Clinic in Cheshunt, also providing services for those in Hertfordshire, Essex and North London


Fed up with diet and slimming groups? Are you happy with your body image? Would you like to achieve quick weight loss with a healthy eating diet?

Our weight management and healthy eating clinic is located in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, easily reached from Enfield, North London and Essex.

Would you like one to one support to help you with your emotional eating? Do you binge or find yourself overeating? Do you have a possible eating disorder? Do you feel that you are out of control with your eating habits? Are you fed up of the Quick fix faddy diets that fail? How does healthy eating using tasty ingredients and food without compromising on too many of the things you love to eat sound? Would you like to learn how to manage and achieve this?

Here at a Little Room of Nutrition, working with our trained psychologist our aim is to show you how to eat healthy, whilst still enjoying treats at the same time. Our approach is to show you how to understand what nutrition your body requires, with a healthy balanced diet to promote both physical and emotional well-being.

Sounds so simple doesn't it? When in reality anyone who has struggled with their weight has probably tried numerous diets, with some or little success. This can often result in you regaining your lost weight within a few months of stopping your 'diet' - why does this happen? Have you considered that you may be emotionally over-eating, binge eating or stress eating. This can also happen as you may see yourself on just a diet and have not embraced the change as a lifestyle choice. It is a well known fact that 95% of all diets will fail. This is because people are focused on quick fix fast weight loss which will almost always result in weight return and further gain.

We are here to educate and show you the difference, this is about giving you the science behind the calorie intake and to show you that you can still have the odd sugary treat. It is about learning how your body turns your food into fuel, embracing healthy life-change and not investing in a quick solution but a long term life change to maintain your healthy weight loss.

We can show you how to control your eating habits with the right nutrition, to promote your emotional well-being, putting you back in control of your weight loss, you will be shown how to manage a healthy eating balanced diet, without compromising too much on your favourite foods.

Does having your own personal dietician appeal to you? We are excited to offer a bespoke one to one weight management and healthy eating service, here at our offices in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, and close proximity to Enfield, where we work at a pace that suits you.

Our services have been highly recommended so If you are looking for an experienced weight management specialist in the Cheshunt area, or are wanting to engage in weight reduction, weight management, quick weight loss, understanding nutrition, emotional well-being, and a healthy diet, anywhere close to the M25 borders of Hertfordshire, Essex, Enfield & North London, you have reached the right place. We can offer this service to individuals, couples and also young adults.

We can also offer one to one counselling as a service to our clients who may discover that their eating habits have a more deep seated psychological impact on their lives. You can also visit our other website by clicking on the following link A Little Room of Therapy

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